Monday, 20 March 2017

Is Gattaca the same as The House of the Scorpion? individual blog post #6

We have finished the house of the scorpion book lately and then we watched this movie called Gattaca. Gattaca is a movie that is about clones and DNA. The movie's protagonist seemed to relate to matt in a way that was actually very surprising to me, both Matt and Vincent( Protagonist in Gattaca) both wanted to be able to fit in and wanted to be accepted. But both of them had different objectives Vincent intended to go to space where nobody is judged and he will be isolated so he could do anything he wanted to. Some other similarities I found between both book and movie is both Gattaca and The House of the Scorpion were based in the future but Gattaca seemed more futuristic in my eyes because there are so many technological advancements like how they test blood to see if they are “invalid” or “valid”. Both of these stories involved clones but in Gattaca, clones are better than normally made people and in the house of the scorpion clones are the worst thing that happened to their world. Both book and movie have lower classed rated people like in Gattaca there are genetically modified clones to have bad and good intentions and the bad ones are automatically put as a lower classed people and “degenerates.”  In the book, people that are not rich and used as workers are put as lower classed peasants. In the book, clones are usually made into eejits because everybody in the book thinks clones aren't relevant to their society because they are made the same as somebody with 0 differences.

Those are the similarities I found between the book and the movie some of the differences are. Both protagonists have different goals and achievements they would like to accomplish. There is a big age range between matt and Vincent because Vincent seems that he is in his late 20’s in the movie and matt only comes to the age of 16 I am pretty sure in the book. In the book, matt traveled to many places throughout the book where Gattaca takes place in a futuristic type of laboratory job workspace. In The House of the Scorpion Matt is cloned from an older person and in Gattaca Vincent's clone was made when he was just a boy. The difference right above connects to how in the book the protagonist is a clone and in Gattaca, the protagonist is not a clone. And last difference is In Gattaca genetically modified clones are good and naturally born people are bad and in The House of the Scorpion is the exact opposite 

This book and movie reminded me of our clash of the worldviews project because we had to also explain the similarities and differences of both the Europeans and the Aztecs and why they fought. But out of all the things I have said it seems to me that Gattaca and The House of the Scorpion are similar but not too similar. Gattaca is not the same as The House of the Scorpion because there are more differences than similarities in my eyes. 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Celia Story??? The House of the Scorpion individual blog post #5

On chapter 14 it talks about Celia’s story and how she became a maid for El Patron. Celia is the person that took care of matt ever since he was born from the cow. Celia was brought to El Patron because she came from the same village El Patron came from. I thought this connects to the current issue that is happening in Ontario, the Ontario mayor is predicting that more people will be crossing the border illegally when warmer weather comes. To me, this connects to cells story because in Azakstan it's usually warm it never snows and she illegally traveled across the border in warm weather so it is very similar to this problem that has happened in Ontario. The mayor in Ontario said that he feels any illegal activity on the border could decrease public support for people seeking asylums. Celia used a coyote which is a person that doesn’t smuggle drugs or alcohol they smuggle people across the border illegally. So by doing that it connects to the current event of the Ontario mayor saying that he predicts immigrants will be crossing the border more illegally during the warmer weather. There are many illegal ways to cross the border, there is coyotes which are what Celia used and ETC. 

Another thing that has been going around are asylum seekers, asylum seekers are basically refugees except they applied for a refugee status when they arrived into the US. Normal refugees apply for a refugee status in their home country. Celia relates to this because when she arrived across the border illegally she had to gain an opium visa to live there all her life. That makes Celia an “Asylum Seeker” in the book. Celia’s story I think was one of the best character back stories in the book in my opinion. 

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Uh oh!!! The House of the Scorpion individual blog post #4

So far in the book, A lot of interesting things have happened. The past few pages for me were very intense and nerve racking because El Patron has gotten really sick and they need mats organs so in order to do that they must kill matt. Some of the most interesting parts of this book so far for me are what I am going to talk to you about right now. The first interesting part for me was when matt found out and hid, matt hid in the little secret passageway so nobody could find him until maria came and provided him with water and the necessities he needed or else he would have died in that passage.

Then maria heard footsteps coming through the dark passageway and they both started running, maria then shone a red light through the passageway and a painted scorpion on a wall lit up. She told him that when El Patron made this passageway he made secret doors that only he could touch and they would open if anybody else touched it they would die so maria suggested matt to touch it because he is his identical clone and when he did it opened and both of them escaped. Then she leads him to the helicopter so they could both get away but there were bodyguards on the helicopter so she disguised matt as an eejit. They got on the helicopter and she told the driver to go but the driver said: "we have to wait for Amelia and Steven." When they both heard what the driver said they were shocked but they still waited and then the two showed up.

The disguise worked until maria accidentally said "this is matt" she tried to correct herself and she said this by accident but Amelia took the hat off of matt and she was shocked and told the bodyguard to take him away. Maria started crying and yelling but it was too late he was taken away by the bodyguards and held captive. That's the most interesting part for me and hopefully, it gets better as I read.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Its Getting Interesting so far in The House of the Scorpion Individual blog post #3

So far in the book matt has got bigger it says that he is now taller than Celia. The interesting parts in this book so far for me would be how Matt walked to the oasis by himself at night, he found a metal box and in the metal box, there were different kinds of items and a note. The note said, "dear matt I have left these for you because I will be leaving with El Patron for a while." After he read the note there were different kinds of books and survival items and some food inside of the book. The next interesting part was when he started walking to the eejit town. The eejit town was a wasteland that  smelled like rotten fish and poop. He brought his horse there and it was so bad that he had to use his inhaler, the horse lost consciousness because the air was kind of poisoned. So Matt started to fall into this yellow fish muck until 2 people saved him.

The 2 people that saved him were a part of the midnight patrol crew and they were about to arrest him until he told them he was El Patron's clone and then they started to be nice. They told matt a lot of stories and he asked a lot of questions about Scottland until he asked about Tam Lin and everybody got quite until they told him he used to be a terrorist in Scottland and he tried to bomb the president until a school bus of 20 kids ran over it and exploded. He killed 20 little kids on the bus by accident and he has been living with it for the longest time. For me, those were to most interesting parts so far in the book.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The house of the scorpion individual blog post #2

So far in this book, we have read to page 101. Up to this part, it has been sometimes intense and sometimes not. I have some things in the book I would like to share my thoughts on, the first thing I would like to share is when El Patron and Matts birthday party was happening, in the birthday I felt that Matt was a little too bossy Matt got everything he asked for so I found he got really selfish because everybody was paying attention to him and listening to him and he didn't get this much attention usually so he took it to great levels which got him into a conflict with Tom and Maria. Maria is a very close friend with Matt and he ruined because of his selfishness. For this book we did our first project which was an annotated map, an annotated map is basically a map with descriptions of the places located on the map, for example here is a picture of an annotated map.
As you can see there are notes that describe the places in the map, this is what we did except we related it to the book. Another thing I would like to share is when we figured out what an "eejit" is, An "eejit" is a Scottish and Irish word for "idiot", in this book we found out that an eejit is an animal or person that is injected with a serum that makes the owner of that person able to tell the person that is injected to follow an order the owner says until they say to break, if they don't then they will do that task until they die. I found this as intense because there was a person that died because the owner forgot to give them a break.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Lentz Amo The Scorpion Project

We are doing a novel study on a book called the House of Scorpions. For about a month or two I will be focusing on blogging about this book and how well the book is. To be honest, I am looking forward to where this book takes me, I think it will be an interesting book to read. I am curious about what this book will turn out to be. I am nervous because the due dates are so short to read 47 pages for me because I am not too fast of a reader but we will have to see what happens.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I am going to give you my opinion about how being whimsical is a good tool for kids to grow up. Being whimsical helps kids to grow up because it gives them imagination I mean if it didn’t then what's the point of being whimsical at all. Being whimsical has a positive impact on growing up. Being whimsical gives you friends and improves your social and communication skills. In order to get many jobs you have to be whimsical. For example a scientist, being whimsical has a big impact on being a scientist because you have to think and imagine methods and formulas to use for making new chemicals ETC.

Many famous people succeeded in life because of being whimsical. Look at walt disney. If he was not whimsical there wouldn't be any famous films or any famous attractions. That would be a problem I mean  disneyland is just great. If Walt Disney wasn’t whimsical there would be no disney and without disney people from all around the world would lose their imaginative skills which could lead to bad career choices which could lead to almost everyone living on the streets and no one wants that. As I was saying before being whimsical makes you a better and nicer person which leads to many friends to help you through tough times. having friends is a positive thing because they are always there to help you whether it is in school or out of school. And that is why being whimsical is a great thing for kids. That is my opinion about the little prince topic.